“Quiero Mas Mezcal” (I want more mezcal)

September 01, 2019 2 min read

“Quiero Mas Mezcal” (I want more mezcal)


As part of our mission, we highlight the fabricators and suppliers we partner with to create our products. This is the story behind the process, materials, and people that helped create our organic cotton tees.


The Shirt:

SOS texas organic cotton


We chose to partner with SOS from Texas for sourcing our T-Shirts. SOS stands for “Save Our Soil”. SOS organic cotton products are 100% Made in the USA, "sweatshop free", by American workers being paid a fair and lawful wage. Their farm is located in Texas, where they have been a certified organic farm since 1992. Organic standards require a 3 year chemical-free farming period before being allowed to be "certified organic", so we can be confident in their growing practices. 

We love the quality of the cotton knit used to make these tees. It is heavier than most t-shirt fabric at 5.75 oz and will soften over time with wear and washings. Because the cotton is not pre-shrunk you can expect the shirt to shrink about one inch from the bottom after the first wash. We recommend air drying whenever possible to prevent unwanted heat damage from commercial dryers.

Check out this video of Gary Oldham, owner of SOS, where he explains why they choose to produce organic cotton and keep their farm sustainable. (see video at the bottom of this page ) 

The Design: 

india ink drafting


“Quiero Mas Mezcal” (I want more mezcal) 

We wanted to create a simple graphic for this common phrase. Something we have all said when enjoying these spirits!


custom lettering



Gabriel created the custom font treatment for the t-shirt graphic. Throughout his 20+ plus year career in design and illustration, Gabriel has always loved drawing with India ink. For this design, he used little wooden coffee stir sticks as his “paintbrush” and made marks in India ink on paper. Mostly horizontal and verticle, the lines he drew were uneven with rough edges and varying thicknesses. He then scanned the drawings and hand-traced them in illustrator. Once they were traced he built each letter from scratch using our website font as a guide.


The Silk-Screen Process:

burn and print silkscreen 

We decided to print the design using discharge ink. This ink is applied in a traditional silk-screen process, but instead of adding pigment on top of the shirt, it strips the dye from the t-shirt revealing the natural cotton color.


dye discharge ink


We like this look for two reasons, it looks natural and because it is not layered on top of the shirt, it will never peel or flake off over time. We are totally serious when we say this shirt will last for years and years. The shirts were printed in Brooklyn at Fleaheart Screen Printing. Andy and the Fleaheart team are super talented and work on really cool projects. Check out their blog and IG to see what they’ve been printing recently.


  quiero mas mezcal

Quiero Mas Mezcal T-Shirts / Made with Love from TUYO to You 





Sabrina Lessard
Sabrina Lessard

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