Meet the TUYO Team

TUYO NYC is an ongoing collaboration between its core team members. The products we create are influenced by our cultures (Mexico, Japan, NYC), our love of design and materials, and a shared belief in the restorative power of friendship. We make things that look good, feel good, and are intended to be shared with others. Oh, and we LOVE mezcal!


Sabs is notorious for making hand-drawn "spontaneous" product tech drawings but hey, you have to start somewhere! She can navigate around all kinds of materials but her faves are metal and porcelain. She has an excellent eye for volume and makes very colorful spreadsheets. If you tell her you read TUYO emails she will love you forever, she is, after all the cat meme queen.

Sabrina Lessard

Gabo has all the ideas! His eye for detail, love of design, and deep passion for agave spirits are loud and clear in TUYO's visual language. Studio photographer, graphic designer and agave educator, Gabo’s contributions to TUYO can be seen in everything we print, publish and produce. Gabo works within many fields and industries bringing his cultivated design approach and perspective to each project.

Gabriel Velazquez Zazueta

Michiko is so immensely talented! She develops fabrication techniques that make our products come to life. It's through her hand and expertise that we are able to make our porcelain so special and unlike anything else in the market. Michiko and Sabs' favorite pastime is troubleshooting - which they do A LOT OF! TUYO porcelain is only a part of what Michiko and her studio create. 

Michiko Shimada

Kevin has a secret superpower where he can interpret Sabs’ drawings and build actual functional models from them! He is an expert UI and UX developer, product designer, and dear friend. He brings decades of design practice to each project and considers every single design element down to the millimeter improving the tiniest of details.

Kevin Greenland