Mezsal Artisanal Salts

MEZSAL creates artisanal salts to ceremoniously enhance your agave spirit sipping experience. Handcrafted in NYC, each salt variety is made from carefully selected organic produce, herbs, and spices all of which are sourced locally whenever possible. Each nutriment is dehydrated while in full bloom using slow and low heat before being milled to perfection.

Sprinkle on fruits, vegetables and cheeses or apply to the rim of a cocktail vessel. They will add a burst of flavor to a home-cooked meal or simply dust your favorite salt over a generously buttered or oil-dipped bread. We have been pairing agave spirits with Mezsal Artisanal Salts for special tasting events and absolutely love them; we know you will too!

Three salt sets available:

  • Set of 3:  (Hearts of Gold, Fennel Tang, Gingerberry)
  • Set of 3: (Cinna Beet, Umami Garden, Green Jalapeño)
  • Set of 3: (Hibiscus Mole, Magic Coffee, Holy Hemp)
    • Each salt variety comes in a 1 oz. glass jar.
    • For a full list of ingredients and tasting notes click here