Standards and Practices


Pursuing an anti-racist agenda for us means educating ourselves on the history of racism in our home countries: the USA and Mexico. Witnessing the recent (and never-ending) racial injustice, violence against, and murders of Black, Brown and Asian folks has caused us to deeply consider how we contribute to our local community, society and the environment. Learning about the generational trauma of first nation people and those enslaved under colonial persecution is key to understanding what role we can play in promoting an anti-racist approach to business. We will continue to allow this knowledge to inform the choices we make in how we participate in the commercial environment. We have and will continue to contribute to organizations supporting social justice movements led by people from the communities they intend to support. Some of these organizations are: G.L.I.T.SMake the Road New York, MALDEFCampaign Zero, No White Saviors, Studio ATAO.


A philosophy that most clearly defines how we behave as a company, the slow movement advocates a cultural shift toward slowing down life's pace. For us it means quality over quantity, small-batch production runs, using local suppliers, and investing in reusable and recyclable materials.


As a small business, we obsessively research our raw materials to guarantee their traceability. This means sourcing materials that are manufactured ethically (paying real and fare living wages to employees) and with a focus on environmental responsibility, like our 100% certified organic tee’s from SOS TexasRoyal Apparel and our Maiwa bandanas. These materials matter to us a great deal and we would never exchange them for lower margins and ease of access. We know you can buy a shirt online for less money but we hope you would consider how your purchase affects the entire chain of production. From the earth to your body, you are helping the passionate folks who share your same values:) We source the majority of our packaging materials from Eco Enclose, a company dedicated to creating packaging from recycled and reusable materials. Check out their sustainable packaging framework here!  


We work with the silkscreen studio, Fleaheart, who like us, are helping to create a diverse and healthy local economy. Michiko Shimada, our magnificent porcelain producer, works closely with us in developing new techniques and production strategies. Our partnership is born of the desire to grow together and support our independent and collective efforts. She is a wonder to see at work in her Brooklyn studio


Collaborations are by far the most satisfying and joyful aspect of designing products. Our longterm collaborator Michiko Shimada brings all of our porcelain products to life. She is a porcelain and ceramic artist whose talent is as big as her heart. You can read more about the making of our porcelain products here.

Working with the painter and illustrator Stephen Hall was such a special experience for us, as Gabriel had taught their now teenage daughter, Reef, when she was just 2 years old!

Our dear friend, the artist POE, worked with us on the Cosmovision Collection the first few months of quarantine in early 2020. That process brought excitement and some much needed light into our creative lives. It connected us with the work of Gabriela Badillo and her collaborative project 68 Voices 68 Hearts, to which we donate a portion of all sales from the Cosmovision collection. We are honored and grateful to work with these talented folks to bring you beautifully crafted products.


We believe in the slow goods movement’s ability to reframe how we choose to be consumers. When it takes several months to over a year to develop our products we can’t be concerned and worried that we will be “on” or “off-trend”. No Fear Of Missing Out here, or we would never make anything! High-quality, well-crafted items, in our opinion, are inherently classic. Care for them and they will last a very long time.


We recognize that we are imperfect human beings. We believe that the biggest failure is the inability to acknowledge fault and make a change. We aim to hold ourselves responsible and to make changes when needed. Through ongoing education and self-reflection, we will continue to do the work in order to help create an equitable, healthy, and sustainable ecosystem for us all. We pledge to do our part to help leave our local community and planet a better place for the next generation.

Thank you for joining us on this journey! 

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