Our story

TUYO exists to enhance the space you inhabit and encourage celebration. Tuyo is a Spanish word that means, “yours”. We strive to elevate personal and communal experiences through the creation of meticulously crafted objects, elegant in their simplicity and made from the highest quality materials.
Our goal is always, functionality, durability, and longevity. We make items that will last a lifetime.
We are committed to promoting honest and transparent practices in the design and production of our products. We try our best to partner with women-owned and minority-owned businesses. For all of our products, we document materials and origin, often highlighting the talented artisans and businesses that contribute to our production process. This information is published on our website and, we believe, is essential for our collectors to make informed purchasing decisions. We are an open house for those interested in exploring our process!
Our primary source of inspiration comes from Mexico, where Gabriel, one of our founders was born and raised. We intend for our products to honor the people, places, and things that have influenced our designs.
Additionally, we occasionally host events, often partnering with Mexican companies that we feel complement Tuyo’s sensibilities. These can be educational, product driven or often times both! We encourage you to join our mailing list for upcoming events.


+ Be inclusive, create rituals, invite mystery, remain grateful. +

TUYO is a division of the art and design studio Project Replica Inc.