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16 + Jason Paul Cox

/ Cinco Sentidos

In this episode, we talk with Jason Paul Cox. Jason is the owner of Cinco Sentidos, a small batch agave spirits brand specializing in artisanal and ancestral single expression mezcals. Cinco Sentidos tends to be a sought-after brand due to the limited number of expressions that make it to a few lucky US States. 

Jason explains the brands' origin and development alongside El Destilado his farm-to-table restaurant with partner Joseph Gilbert in Oaxaca City. We discuss some of the expressions that are available in the US, including the Papalome produced by Amando Alvarez in Santa Maria Ixcatlan. 

We talk about a 20-day agave roast, raw-hide fermentation and what makes Delfino Tobón Mejia’s lenteja still unique. Look out for the new La Coleccion Mixteca, a series of agave spirits from the Mixteca region which includes areas in Oaxaca, Puebla, and Guerrero (so far this collection includes expressions from Puebla and Oaxaca).

Jason also introduced us to his newest project, an agricole-style rum, or aguardiente de caña. Cañada is produced by the Krassel family in the region of Oaxaca known as the cloud forest.

Read more about Jason and Cinco Sentidos here:

T Edward Wine and Spirits / Cinco Sentidos

K&L Spirits Journal / What's in a name?


El Destilado, Oaxaca México

1. El Destilado in Oaxaca City


Cinco Sentidos destilado de agave Oaxaca Mexico

2. A few of the 36 + Cinco Sentidos expressions available at El Destilado

3. The new Mixteca Collection from Cinco Sentidos (coming to the US soon)


Amado and papalometl

4. Four year old cultivated Papalometl (A. Potatorum)

5. Amando Alvarez, a 4th and 6th generation Mezcalero who regularly produces for Cinco Sentidos


cooked agave

6. Paplometl piñas ready to be roated

7. Unearthing the roasted piñas


mezcal still

8. Delfino Tobón Mejia, a mezcalero whose production style includes the use of a lenteja still

9. Delfino's lenteja still (covered)

10. The 3 plates that make up a lenteja still

11. Delfino adding water to the still


12.,13. Pizorra Agave ( A. Marmorata)


14., 15. Pichomel Agave (A. Marmorata)


Cañada Oaxaca Rum

16. The Krassel Family distillery where the rum agricole spirit, cañada, is produced

17. Loading the sugar cane used to make the agricole

 mapa de la mixteca poblana oaxaqueña guerrerense

18. Map of the Mixteca region in Oaxaca (link)


+ all images courtesy of Jason Paul Cox unless otherwise noted

Sabrina Lessard
Sabrina Lessard

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