¡HEY HEY! AGAVE / 19 + Scott Rosenbaum

May 03, 2020 2 min read

¡HEY HEY! AGAVE / 19 + Scott Rosenbaum


19 + Scott Rosenbaum

/ Spirits Portfolio: Taste, place and the market

Quarantine remote podcasting continues with our guest Scott Rosenbaum, Vice President of T. Edward Wine and Spirits. In addition to developing an exceptional spirits portfolio, he also teaches at the IWC and at NYU. If you’ve been listening for a while you might remember that T. Edward’s agave portfolio includes Lagrimas de Dolores and Cinco Sentidos. We have hosted podcasts with both brand owners: German Gutierrez Gamboa of Lagrimas and Jason Paul Cox of Cinco Sentidos.

The conversation we had with Scott provides context to how the role of importer and distributor functions between the brand and the market and ultimately how they cultivate that relationship.

It also offers aspiring spirits specialists an opportunity to learn about how Scott got started in his career and the paths he took, including weathering the 2008 financial crisis. 

We touch on the topic of terroir in agave spirits, a subject we hope to explore more in future episodes. The concept of terroir is fantastically complicated and imperfect when compared with wine, however, it does allow for a structure with which to talk about the different elements that make each spirit special and unique to the place the plants were grown and where the spirit was made.

Check out T. Edward's live morning show on IG! They feature producers from around the world. You get an up-close tour of their vineyards, distilleries and best of all get to hear directly from them:)

 Daily Beast: "Are Great Sommeliers an Endangered Species?"


durango lagrimas de dolores

1. The road leading to Mezquital

2. Wild Cenizo agaves in Durango


3. Scott trying to split a Castilla agave piña at Lasgrimas de Dolores in Durango

4. Roasted agaves at Lagrimas de Dolores

5. The still at Vinata La Zorrilla of Temoaya, Durango


6. Scott with Tomas Estes of Tequila Ocho in Guadalajara

7. Mezcalera Berta Vasquez of San Baltazar Chichicapam, Berta had produced for several Brands available in the States.

8. Melly Barajas Cardenas of Raza Azteca in Jalisco


9. On the road to Santa Catarina Albarradas

10. One of Alberto Martinez's agave fields


12. The stills of Alberto Martinez who produces for Cinco Sentidos

13. Amando Alvarez's clay pot stills and the penca condensing plate

14. Rawhide fermentation with Amando Alvarez of Cinco Sentidos


+ All images courtesy of Scott Rosenbaum unless otherwise noted

Sabrina Lessard
Sabrina Lessard

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