¡Hey Hey! Agave / 9 + Spirited Conversations June 10, 2019

by Sabrina Lessard June 17, 2019

¡Hey Hey! Agave / 9 + Spirited Conversations June 10, 2019



9 + Spirited Conversations

/ Does Big Mezcal = Bad, Looking Beyond Oaxaca

We are so pleased to share the audio from the recent Spirited Conversations panel discussion hosted by the Mezcal Collaborative. This event was held on June 10, 2019, at Rosa Mexicano in Manhattan. The topic was: Does Big Mezcal = Bad, Looking Beyond Oaxaca.

Moderated by Tess Rose Lampert and featuring panelists: Danny Mena of Mezcales de Leyenda, Arik Torren of Fidencio and Kaj Hackinen of Back Bar Project.

From the Mezcal Collaborative:

The explosive demand for mezcal over the past five years has had serious implications in the state of Oaxaca where about 85% of all mezcal in the market is produced. There are eight other states in Mexico that are currently recognized under the Denominacion de Origen, and not only do they have agave ready for production, but also the resources and ability to get mezcal into the marketplace. This is particularly so in the state of Durango. Could this regional diversification offset any negative environmental and social impacts being seen in Oaxaca? And as production ramps up in Durango, can we look to the models from Oaxaca for bits of wisdom or warnings about which paths to take and avoid?

We invite your comments and insights! The Mezcal Collaborative intends to host more Spirited Conversations and your feedback can help shape future topics!

Gracias y Salucita!



Sabrina Lessard
Sabrina Lessard

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